Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Part Two Bloggers Choice #1

It had been a month since my new knowledge of Niall had started we had been moving every other day going from hotel to hotel by now we had made it from norther California too Kansas the dead waste land just added to my depression. Feeling sick for the first week worried about my family praying these horrible people wouldn't lay a finger on their innocent selves... Then I started to worry about how scared they are. That my mother and Father are at home, When my roommate calls and curiously asks if they had seen me. I can imagine them share a worried look with each other then answer no. They call the Salon asking what happened. Peggy the desk girl saying no and probably telling them about the salon and the condition they found it in.. I imagine from there panic..tears my mother calling my brother Edward in desperation, hoping he'd know..even though me and my brother don't exactly speak anymore..but that's irrelevant for this time. I imagine him in shock I was never a girl for danger, I was quiet, minded my own business. Very safe and always thought to much before acting. From there I expect they called the cops from there and a missing poster is on every other building in town by the second week... I spent my whole first week of this run, repeating and repeating it in my head.. The second I spoke too Niall I quietly walked out too him as he sat towards the swimming pool in the middle of this cheap hotel the weather at least eighty five if not higher in the spring of Arizona. The sun slowly hitting the surface to set, I set beside him on a plastic chair and sat there silent for a moment he lifted his head waiting for me too speak.

I took a breath then...

"Hi." It was the first thing i had said too him in a week he gave me a small smile and sat up waiting for me to speak again.

"How are you feeling about this?" i asked him then took a breath

"Horrible about dragging you down with me i never meant too do this too you i hope you know that, but I enjoy your company if that means anything too you." he spoke with a quiet ton at the beginning
 and ended with some cheer slipping out of his lips. I gave him a smile and rested my head against my hand.

"Yeah but I've decided we can't exactly just fix it...and me shutting you out wont make it better,
so. But before we start whatever goes on from here..Tell me..everything." I spoke stern and strong sitting up as i spoke.

he sighed. he knew this would come he breathed softly as he ran his finger through his hair then pressed it too the back of his neck gripping it tightly then releasing and looked up to me his Bright hazel green eyes looked dim as they stared at me, Then he spoke.

"Alright I'll start from the start, a year ago I started gambling in underground casinos and I was actually pretty great at it. Going from table to table bringing in the cash, but after a while my luck faded, so I decided I needed some "Help" I would bribe people I barely knew to look at other peoples cards or distract while I could switch cards or while after a while I wasn't bringing in the money and there were people I didn't exactly pay so I went to "Him" I can't speak his name..He's the guy you go to when you need a loan and you have no other choice.

"While he gave me the money and I payed back the people, but I didn't get this for free...All I can say is I was stupid he wanted me to sneak into the Casino owners house and steal his prized possession. His 1970's Mustang  it was black with grey leather seats he kept it in the best condition... so I did it. The same night after I payed the people back I went to his house and stole it..But I got caught and he came at me with a gun so I hit him..and drove off when I delivered the car the man shook my hand and told me this was all over and to enjoy my life...And  I did for about a week til that Monday the morning was silent and I remember that morning it was freezing and quiet I slowly walked to the kitchen where I found a note stabbed in the table (You think you can kill are guy...Think again.) then a bullet shredded through the window missing me by inches before I could think I ran outside getting in my car and taking off I drove. I drove till I hit the border line of California and stayed at a cheap hotel I've been living like this for almost a year and a half."the spoke with regret in every word as he looked at the ground after speaking held his head in his hands.

"Oh." i answered quietly then quietly left.

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