Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog review The Fishtail braid "The Freckled Fox."

I read her blog  'The Basics' Hair Week Tutorial #3: The Fishtail Braid
 This blog was honestly so helpful and great! Not only that but I felt I  could hear how she would speak she had so much enthusiasm and personality through her typing made it such a joy to read compared to a plan boring step by step. She also gave great photos step by step perfectly starting with how to grip the hair, to folding it over making sure it was the perfect amount to be visible from where I sat. All of the blogs I saw they were just profession not only from her designs which were all very neat and clean had a lot of pictures instead of just writing over writing she did a great way of catching my eye into her blogs due to her pictures made it fun to pick one and  Just made the whole blog look
more put together and professional. It was just original. It was fun and gives you an open mind
for knew ideas to try on your hair. I looked through at least eight other cites that I just felt were bland
to much writing and no valid information just a few photos and I didn't learn much or anything at all it bored me and made me think about my own more wondering if I could make mine better I feel If your doing hair pictures and videos will get a lot more attention then then if I just write endlessly and bore people. To conclude what I am trying to get at well I actually have two. First off I feel The Freckled Fox is an amazing blog and people should check it out and even take pointers from it and just have fun with it. Even try out a few of her interesting hair dos yourself. My second is I hope I learn from the blog to improve mine for more originality and just ideas to draw more attention.

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