Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Crazy Morning." (A work of fiction)

I had woken up early this morning for some reason feeling awake and ready for today with the light morning sun shining through the curtains. I then pulled myself out of the warm nest of blankets and continued down stairs to find Scarlet, my roommate, sitting at the kitchen counter stuffing a powdered doughnut into her mouth. She then looked up to see me. She pointed at me begging me to come to her through her hand motions.  I gave a small laugh then made my way over.

"Good morning, Chloe." She spoke roughly as she swallowed the remainder of the doughnut. I smiled her way and sat beside her.  We both sat there quietly until she handed me a piece of paper and got up. The note said:  "Chloe, come meet me outside Fresh Beaut's this morning around ten, you're needed. -Niall"

I checked my clock to see it was 9:30 I mumbled a curse then bolted up stairs throwing on the nearest jacket brown leather over my tank top and some decent dark blue jeans after stumbling down stairs one shoe on and working on the other. It helped that it was only a few minutes away from the neighborhood I lived in. When I pulled up I noticed Niall standing in front of the door seeming on edge I walked up to him slowly just taking a minute as I made my way observing him his dark tan skin covered by a ragged old hoodie and his regular jeans were covered in holes, and what seemed to be mud crusted on the rest his hair shaggy and the darkest brown you could imagine.

"Any reason you needed me here this early?" I asked him as i opened the door and walked in. He followed and gave me a small smile.

"Just a busy schedule today, I guess." he said with a small chuckle then sat down in the chair and turned to me.

"Alright girly listen to me very carefully, I need you to do this perfect and I trust you will.. I have this picture for you to go off of." he spoke very serious and stern as he looked at me his dark eyes locked with mine as each word flew from his lips to my ears.

I gave a small unsure smile and looked down at the picture It was a bleach blonde gentle man cut I liked It a lot.

"Alright let’s do this!" I said excitedly then got to work pulling out my little counter on wheels digging through the side cubbies and mixing my dye,

"What made you want to go with such a change?" I asked him as I  paint brushed the dye in his hair then tin foiled it.

"Just getting ready for summer, bored of the hair I guess." he spoke sounding careless and was more interested in watching me do his hair then talk so I kept quiet and got to work after an hour  in a half It was done. He gave me a big smile and a hug.

"I knew I could trust you." he said with a chuckle, he seemed very happy until I felt a jerk and before I could blink I had been thrown to the wall and the mirror I had just been using for Niall shattered, then I heard the bullet again my ears ringing and  shock going in I went to get up and run but Niall held me down slowly pulling me along the floor as he moved himself closer to the back door I tried moving with him but I felt myself smack down to the cold floor every time I tried then another bullet flew through the salon almost a ear away from my head I jerked away trying to get up and away from it all but Niall pulled me down again then he cracked the door and dragged both of us out, pulling me up as he bolted I barely got to my feet as I sprinted  behind him 

"What’s going on?' I tried to say through my breathing he didn't answer just glanced at me and kept at it he suddenly stopped I looked to see we we're behind his car when he opened it slowly then  pushed me in crawling over me in the back making it to the front. Then I heard the car start and in almost that second I felt myself fly backwards hitting the ceiling of the car and landing back down to the seat. Feeling my scull throb and heart race, I stayed down until I felt the car stop I looked around (where we're we?) I thought biting my lip and staring out the window to nothing buildings old buildings amazed that they could even stand the bricks looked like dried clay crumbling with every moment and any sign of paint or wallpaper peeled have way down the wall it laid Then as my eyes adjusted I saw Niall In front of the smallest building around he was bashing in a a old tin trash can and screaming   curses I got out and walked to him wanting to know what I got myself into this morning. 

"What was that?" I spoke my voice a little shaky as I spoke He turned to me tear stains on his cheeks and a frown hung from his lips he came closer to me taking a breath.

"Chloe I'm so sorry I never meant to get such a close friend involved in my life problems, I would do anything to take this day back, please just listen... These people there part of a special services I can’t get to much in at this time you'll learn the longer you're here. And they not only want me but anyone who knows anything about me dead. That's why I was asking you for the new look. They had figured what I looked like and I needed to be unseen, I can see that didn't work." he took a breath as another tear flowed down his cheek.

"Niall what exactly do you do for them to want you, and when can I go home?" I asked my voice cracking I ran my fingers through my hair trying to relax feeling terrified and wanting to help my friend 

"Chloe.... you can't go home it's not safe and I would never risk it they know you and they won’t think twice to come "visit" you  to try to get some information it doesn't matter if you don't know anything... Just let this cool down, and you'll learn what I do soon enough." he sighed then put his hand out to lead me to my next surprise. I didn't answer because I didn't see the point he was right I saw enough actions to know what happens when you go home, I plan on living no matter what it takes.
get away car

Monday, January 26, 2015

Links for exploring to hair

I have a few websites I think that are pretty interesting to look into, with these international styles this first link is showing a few older culture hairstyles From Rome to Egypt and Japanese, chines and more.

Another one could be I found this website very interesting I found out there was a law in 1789 that African American hair had to be covered in public due to the jealousy of white woman and they'd gain the attention of white males. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!

For my last link I want too show you a website showing the History of Egyptians  
and how this culture could be responsible for are style of braiding.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Irritating hairstyles

To start my blog off I love how some people will go so far to express their selves through their hairstyles, some of these crazy beautiful ideas will take your breath away and only wish you could pull these hairstyles off. Like the colors people will dye their hair now a days from the darkest blue, to Arial red and some people make it look so beautiful, weather people do it to express themselves or just wanted to try something new the crazy ideas can be beautiful and fun.

 But I can not stand it when I see some of these crazy hairstyles gone  wrong! You know what I’m talking about from the neon colors, to the crazy shapes people will cut their hair. I remember on my last visit to the beauty school I was waiting to get in for my apointment  and looked up too see a young lady in her early twenty's if not younger and had this dark-ish light lime color with her sides shaved, and the middle was crazy long a very brave hairstyles and I hope she enjoys it… But I have to say it wasn't exactly my favorite hairstyle of the day and I'm not try to trash on these people but honestly It does bug me when I see these eye sours. For example when I see bright neon shaved in to checker squares in the sides someones head like the picture under us, It’s not the cutest hairstyle. Then when I see girls with these awful dirty dread locks, just the fact that they look like a bird nest but twice as noted or if they died their dreads a crazy color I just can not. Or when girls, Finally I just cant believe what people will do like these scene girls who have huge hair and strange colors. just crazy what people will do. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

African Hairstyles And Cultures

I want to talk about the culture of African culture, and I found some very interesting things I'd like to share. These African villages found unkempt hair was unattractive to not just the opposite sex, but a sign of filth, had bad morals, and even that you we're insane. Of course woman chose their hair styles for their beauty; an African American woman with long thick hair was seen as “the life force.” They have the ability to have many children, prosperity, farming skills.  In a Yoruba village in West Africa, the people would braid their hair for a message to their gods, and they thought that because the head was the most elevated part of the body, it was a portal for spirits to pass through. Hair is seen for spiritual importance, and that’s why when they got their heads shaved while being taken as sex slaves, it was a sign of dehumanizing them.  When the whites came to Africa, they told them to straighten their hair and that it would make them socially acceptable to the dominate culture.

At the time 1920s, the wig manufactures were the only one that would advertise an African Americans standard of beauty, as the culture continued and they moved to different states, their styles did as well. But they still showed their culture and original taste. One example would be the Afro that hit during the civil war which they used to define their selves.  The Afro started in New York by Angela Davis, a Black Panther Party Member. She made it a political statement and become popular as they saw it on her wanted, ad. Then in the 1980s had  gave tons of new hair styles, one being the "Fade" the fade was a hairstyle worn predominantly by black man in which the hair starts off short at the bottom and lengthens as it reaches the top. It was seen for its individuality. One big thing I've noticed with this blog is that it goes from hairstyles for their culture and religion for them showing the world showing and expressing themselves as individuals.      

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Beginning to Blogging

Hi, to start this off I’m Bailey, and this is my blog about "Hairstyles Around the World." I've always been interested in hair styles. A big reason might be because my mom worked at a salon, even though she didn't do hair specifically. A lot of times when I was younger, I'd sit out in the waiting room while my mom cleaned up. But after a while, I explored and walked around the shop observing the hair stylist. It was really entertaining seeing the girls before and after their appointment. Not only that, but sometimes some of the girls doing the hair would sit down and talk to me. I'd ask them more about their jobs, learn their tips, and fun stories. This is probably a big reason I want to get into cosmetology  "the professional skill or practicing of beautifying the face, hair, and skin."

 So to get to my point, I want to learn more about the fashion of hair, including the culture, the styles, new things I can learn, and share with other people who want to learn something new. Whether they are into hair too, or just looking for some fun facts, I believe there's a lot of interesting facts that are out there about this subject. It might sound silly to be so interested in hair, but I see this as an opportunity. Maybe after this experience, I'll have new ideas when I start cosmetology. I could bring back an old hair styles or different styles from another country. These styles are changing all the time, from a casual layering and dying your hair a dark brown, to shaved sides with the top a bright blue.  I'm thrilled at the idea of learning crazy hair ideas and fun ideas to maybe try myself.